The compulsion to do creative things and create art all started when I was young. Creating art is being true to myself for what I believe I was always meant to do. I've finally come to a place in my life where my art is a necessary thing, something that has to exist. If it doesn't, then I get anxious to make more. I love texture and mystery in most of what I create as you will see with my work. Ideally, I love to make things that have never been thought of before.

I love to create something that never was, only an idea in my head, and bring it to life. It is a wonderful feeling to make something that was only a thought and manifest it to the real world for people to enjoy. That sense of accomplishment constantly keeps me going. 

I also enjoy science fiction and fantasy art. Much of my work tries to combine these elements into something not only unique but beautiful as well. Sometimes I just want to make something cool. No meaning, no message. Just cool. :)

chris parthenon.jpg

When someone looks at my art, I'd like them to have several impressions at once which stimulates the mind and confuses the viewer in a way that challenges the individual to guess and imagine the piece's origin and creation. This experience makes the viewing both a mysterious and beautiful thing. I hope to create such objects for people to look upon and wonder...

How was this created?

What was it made of?

What is its meaning?

Chris Bellagio.jpg

My shop is an extension of this necessary desire to create. I am open for commissions on my existing collection or any ideas that you might have. I would be happy to also come up with new concepts and an original piece for your space to meet your needs. As an artist for hire I can work with both individuals and organizations with confidence and comfort, knowing that the piece will be completed on time and budget.  

Thank you so much for your interest, please contact me with any questions.
Christopher Fellows
Black Forge Studios